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We are always looking for quality items similar to the ones displayed on this page. Some of the items that are high on our list of items to buy are displayed below. (Click on any image to expand, click larger image to go back to same section menu.)

If you have an interesting item or a complete collection, we are interested in hearing from you. Please get in touch with us. Contact Ralph Falvo at or call 780-466-8078 (work) or 780-437-0934 (home)

Automotive Tire Signs
Kellys Tire Sign
Automotive Signs
Oldsmobile Neon Signs
Automotive Signs
Chevrolet Neon
Automotive Signs
Ford Motor Sign
Automotive Signs
Kaiser Frazer Neon
Chicago Coins Band-Box
Chicago Coin's Band Box
Syrup Dispenser
Multiplex, Dole etc.
Gas Pumps
Clockface pumps, single or double
Coca Cola Neon
Coca Cola Neon Signs
General Store
Tin and Porcelin Signs
Soda Pop
Soda Pop signs tin or porcelin
Gas Pumps
National Duplex or simular pumps
Display Pumps
Display Pumps by Tokheim or Wayne.
Oil and Gas Signs
Oil and Gas Signs in tin, porcelin or neon.
Air Meters
Air Meters
Air Meters
Air Meters
Oil and Gas signs
Red Indian Signs
Oil and Gas Signs
Gilmore Lion Head Signs
Soda Pop SIgns
Coca Cola Fountain Service
Tokheim 850
Tokheim Double 850 Gas Pump or simular pumps.
Coca Cola Machine
Vendo 81 Coca-Cola or other brands.
Vendo V-23 Deluxe
Vendo 23 or simular machines
Wurlitzer 850 Peacock
Wurlitzer Model 850 The Peacock.
Wurlitzer 950
Wurlitzer 950 Jukebox
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